I first tried out the Aurora remote head while filming Horrible Bosses 2.

We were looking for a low cost, effective way of keeping a remote head as part of our camera gear for the run of the show.

I immediately fell in love with this piece of equipment.

The Aurora is small, light weight, and very quick to set up.

Our second assistant Roger Wall got checked out and learned how to set it up in less than an hour. It plugs in so quickly and is super compact.

We mainly used this remote head on a Giraffe crane.  At times, we extended the arm to the height of 28 feet.  Even at this extension, with normal crane drops and dolly moves on track, the Aurora, still felt solid and did not bounce or shake in any noticeable way. This was in spite of supporting a fully loaded ALEXA with a long zoom.

This is the ideal head for someone like me, who is not very technically inclined and yet still wants to achieve the perfect shot without the constant need to change the settings. In this respect the Aurora excels over other remote heads.

We also used the Aurora repeatedly whenever safety was an issue and we did not want to put the operator in danger. It was interchangeable with the ARRI head.

I highly recommend this piece of equipment. It’s a gem.

Julio MacatCinematographer, Camera Operator & Actor